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Funky Home Office Furniture

If you are planning a home office, perhaps starting a business from home, then you are going to be spending a lot of time with your home office furniture. Why not set up with some funky home office furniture!!

If you would like some help ot inspiration with some custom home office furniture then get in touch with us and talk to our interior design team,  or take a look at our home office furniture section, or read more for more home office furniture inspirational ideas!!

Tennis Ball Office Chair

Inspired of course by the Wimbledon championship on now, how could we not post a tennis ball related office chair post.

There is nothing quite like this in our store, but we have set a challenge for our buyers to stock something tennis related by the time wimbledon is finished, so check in our fabric office chairs section soon.

Bond Villain Office Chair

At Zoom Office Chairs we really do cater for everyone, and that inludes the important bond villians. So (to celebrate the launch of our brand new office chair blog) here is a best seller among the despot world domination types. 

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