April 15, 2019

How Office Workwear Helps a Brand

To build a brand or brand image that truly resonates, you need to ensure that the ethos of the brand percolates to every level of the company. It can’t be limited to social media, marketing and advertising efforts. You need to explore more direct channels of brand building. Your employees or staff members are one such channel. They have direct interaction with your customers on a daily basis. But how can your employees or staff help you build a stronger brand image? Workwear is one of the methods of accomplishing this.

Custom workwear or uniforms foster team spirit among the employees or staff. It makes them feel part of a larger objective or goal and wanted by the company, which translates into improved productivity. Workwear with the brand’s logo or design on it helps spread awareness about the brand as well. Eventually, the uniform becomes ubiquitous with the brand itself, with a strong recall value. In fact, it can be a lot more effective in impressing your customers and occupying space in their minds than regular marketing and advertising tactics. It’s obvious that this brand image needs to be backed by solid customer relationship management in order to be effective. If well designed office workwear is combined with highly effective customer service, it can work wonders for the brand.

You need to put in some thought to identify the ideal work clothing or uniform for your staff that complements your brand perfectly. Office clothes need to be professional and comfortable. Professional attire creates a work environment that’s professional as well, which in turn helps the brand image. At the same time, your employees or staff will be wearing it for several hours at a stretch, so it needs to comfortable as well.

Work shirts are a perfect fit on both counts. Depending on the roles of the employees, you can select a short sleeved or long sleeved work shirt. Sports work shirts are an alternative as well. A fun, youth-centric brand can opt for it. Or it could also be part of a weekly dress down routine.

The key, however, is how you customise the work shirt to match your brand. You can choose to have all the shirts in the same colour as the brand’s logo and then get the brand logo or image embroidered or printed on the shirt in a contrasting colour. Alternatively, retain the logo exactly as it is to create maximum chances of brand recall and brand association among the customers, while opting for a shirt colour that complements the logo colour. Embroidered logos or brand images look elegant and classy, while digitally printed logos or brand images look contemporary and modern.

Before you get down to the task of identifying the right office uniforms for your employees, break down the story behind your brand into a few simple characteristics. This will enable you to select the right type of office clothes, along with the colour and style of logo suitable for the brand.